Recent Articles in which Paul Habibi is Quoted:

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LA Rent: Has Rent Control Been Successful in Los Angeles?, 9/12/14 – National Public Radio (NPR)
Housing in Los Angeles: LA Storeys, 8/23/14 – The Economist (Habibi/UCLA report cited)
Glendale Real Estate Figures are Mixed, 2/26/14 – Glendale News Press
Comcast Unveils $1.2B Philadelphia Skyscraper Proposal, 1/14/14 – The Hollywood Reporter
Mortgage Rates Fall to 9-Week Low, 9/27/13 – Los Angeles Times
Santa Monica Grows Up – But Not Too Tall, 9/26/13 – National Public Radio (NPR)
Workplaces Hit Close to Home, 5/20/13 – LA Business Journal
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Conditions Hurt Home Sales, 5/23/11 – Los Angeles Daily News
U.S. Mega-Mansion Sales Continue to Surge, 5/14/11 – The Today Show on NBC
Real Estate Prices Fall, 5/9/11 – Glendale News-Press
October Price Fall a First Since End of Tax Credits, 11/8/10 – Los Angeles Business Journal
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America’s Rich Are Hurting Too, 10/12/10 – RTTV News Channel
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Home Prices Steady, But Sales Creep Up, 6/7/10 – Los Angeles Business Journal
Bad Loan for Horse Resort, 5/28/10 – Las Vegas Sun
Rents and Reason, 5/21/10 – Los Angeles Times (Op/Ed by P. Habibi and E. Sussman)
California Delinquencies Recede, 5/20/10 – Los Angeles Times
Foreclosure Filings Rise Sharply, 4/22/10 – Glendale News-Press
Median Home Price Keeps Rising, 4/13/10 – San Diego Union-Tribune
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County’s Median Home Price Falls in January, 2/8/10 – Los Angeles Business Journal
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Investors Prepare to Dine On Distressed Properties, 4/20/09 – Los Angeles Business Journal
KTVU “Mornings on 2” Live TV Interview, 3/20/09 – KTVU San Francisco Bay Area
Housing Slump Not Even Close to Ending, 3/18/09 – San Diego Union-Tribune
So Cal Home Prices Don’t Decline in February, 3/17/09 – San Diego Union-Tribune
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